Playback Theatre Vox

About us:

Playbacktheatre Vox was founded in 2016 by group of theatreprofessionals, actors and trainers, connected by Tampere University theatrework program, Näty. The group is new, but has years of experience in Playback Theatre. We have great love and passion for this form of theatre and use it as a method to research and develop acting and theatrework in general. We also seek the possibilities of Playback Theatre as a form of activism and a way to influence societal change.

About Playback Theatre:
Playback Theatre is an original form of improvisational theatre and applied drama, developed in the USA in the 1970’s by Jonathan Fox. In Playback Theatre there is no script. The audience members tell stories from their lives and watch them enacted on the spot by the performing group, that usually consists of conductor, 3-6 actors and 1 or two musicians. The story can be enacted in different kind of short forms, or as a longer drama. The performance usually lasts approximately for an hour and a half. It can also be combined with a workshop on a chosen theme.

Playback Theatre is a flexible method, used in a broad range of settings on six continents: social work, private sector organizations, non-profit organizations, schools and education, prisons, seminars and conferences, just to mention a few. It can also bring joy and some extra spice to birthdays, weddings and other celebrations.

It has been used to deal with challenging themes such as conflicts, human rights, refugees, immigration, climate change and recovering from a catastrophe.

By telling, sharing and seeing stories enacted in Playback Theatre performance the community can gain new insight and understanding, strengthen self-expression, connection and compassion, even experience catharsis. Playback Theatre doesn’t solve the problems or give straight answers, but through its’ reflective and deeply humane quality it can help to find the right questions.

The word ”vox” is Latin, meaning ”voice”. We in Playback Theatre Vox want to give voice (and body) also to the quiet ones, tellers and stories that might not be seen or heard in this world.

We are happy to give workshops and performances also in English. Our e-mail address is